I’m Sebastian and I’m the Co-Founder and Creative Director of  Sleeprunner Studios. My passion lies in designing game worlds and systems as well as creating and implementing engaging levels.

During the development of  Downfall Hearts, I supervise the different production processes to make sure that every team member can work under best possible conditions, while also designing gameplay mechanics and levels. Since we’re working in a indiependent team of a smaller size, each developer is fully engaged and receives insight into several areas of the development.

The second project I’m currently working on is called Trail of Toads – a quirky 3D platformer | Collectathon set in a vibrant world riddled with secrets, puzzles, and traps.


The company was founded in early 2020 with the goal to develop games for PC and consoles. Aside from game development the studio offers services in the fields of 3D Visualization, Technical Consulting, Simulations, and Software Development.

Currently we’re working on our very first IP:

Downfall Heartsa 3D Roguelite Dungeon Crawler with melee combat set in an ever rearranging Dungeon. The game was partially funded by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.


Designing games and player interactions can be multifaceted. Nevertheless I could gather experiences in designing game mechanics, prototypes, levels, and puzzles as well as playtesting and balancing several games. I attended quite a few Game Jams by now, giving me a great opportunity to improve these skills on a regular basis.


During the production  Downfall Hearts, I supervise the production processes and make sure that every team member can work under best possible conditions. As part of this work, I also oversee the production budget and schedule.


Working with Unreal 4, Unity 3D, and Visionaire Studio has taught me some fundamental knowledge in C#, JavaScript, and the Unreal Blueprint-system. Furthermore I gained skills in Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and PHP through the Bachelor’s degree program.

Narrative Design

In the course of my second degree I did a six-month internship at the  Pixel Maniacs in Nuremberg, where I worked on the adventure game  Escape The Loop as a Game and Narrative Designer. I am familiar with the design and implementation of complex and branching narratives.